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The inception of the Croom Foundation in 2018 marked a pivotal moment in the life of Executive Director, Kevin Croom, whose unwavering commitment to empowering young men from disadvantaged backgrounds catalyzed a movement that transcends geographical boundaries. Recognizing the urgent need to provide guidance and support to at-risk youth in his community, Kevin embarked on a journey of mentorship, initially engaging with four young men labeled as problematic by societal standards.

Despite facing skepticism and criticism, Kevin remained resolute in his belief that every individual possesses untapped potential, awaiting the right environment to flourish. Through tireless dedication and a steadfast commitment to their growth, Kevin guided these young men towards a path of success, steering them away from the perils of incarceration and premature demise. The transformative impact of Kevin’s mentorship soon reverberated throughout the community, inspiring others to seek his guidance and support. Thus, the seeds of the Croom Foundation were sown, driven by a collective determination to break the cycle of generational poverty and provide equitable opportunities to underprivileged youth.

What began as a mission to uplift young men has since expanded to include young women, underscoring the foundation’s commitment to inclusivity and gender equality. With a steadfast belief in the power of education and mentorship, the Croom Foundation endeavors to reshape environments and empower individuals to rewrite their narratives. Guided by the motto, “You are a product of your environment until your environment changes,” the foundation remains steadfast in its pursuit of equity and social justice, leveraging its resources to dismantle barriers and foster pathways to success for future generations.

Through strategic partnerships, mentorship programs, and educational initiatives, the Croom Foundation continues to catalyze positive change, laying the groundwork for a future where all youth, regardless of background or circumstance, can realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

Officer Croom’s dedication to serving his community led him to become APOST and MPOST certified, serving as a patrol officer with distinction in various municipalities. Despite the demanding nature of his profession, Officer Croom remained steadfast in his pursuit of higher education, earning both an associate degree from Hinds Community College and a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Jackson State University, graduating with honors and distinction.

His relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence extended beyond his academic achievements. Officer Croom was a devoted member of the Delta Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, and actively participated in various community initiatives and service projects. The Officer Kennis Croom Memorial Scholarship honors Officer Croom’s remarkable legacy by providing financial assistance to deserving students who embody his spirit of dedication, integrity, and commitment to community service.

Through this scholarship, Officer Croom’s memory lives on, inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams with courage, compassion, and unwavering determination.

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